FUND RAISING No individual committee, Club or District may conduct any fund raising activities at the convention. This includes raffles, selling of souvenirs, pins, or material regardless of the worthiness of the project. Permissible activities at MD 20 Conventions: Empire State Special Needs Experience, Inc. at Lions Camp Badger; New York State & Bermuda Lions Foundation, Inc.; Lions SEE Inc.; and Brandel Murphy Youth Foundation Inc. All of the above are granted permission to sell raffle tickets at the annual MD 20 Convention. All of the above are granted permission to hold their annual raffle drawings, on Sunday of the annual MD 20 Convention as scheduled by the MD Secretary/Treasurer. All of the above are granted the opportunity to have free booth space at the MD 20 Convention. If requested, a table to promote scholarships, and provide membership information for the PTCNY&B, will be provided, at NO CHARGE to the PTCNY&B. The MD 20 Secretary-Treasurer shall determine availability. No selling or trading of pins shall be permitted in thi space. Any other fund raising activities must be authorized by the Council of Governors.
PIN TRADING No pin trading will take place during convention business sessions. Pin Trading space shall be arranged for the Pin Traders Club of New York and Bermuda, by the MD-20 Secretary/Treasurer, at the annual MD-20 Convention. The Rules of the LCI Constitution and the policy of the Lions International Pin Traders Club shall be observed and enforced by the Board of Directors of the PTCNY&B.
CAMPAIGNING Candidates for any office voted on at this convention are prohibited from participating in any official capacity at any function open to all attendees at this MD-20 Annual Convention. It shall be prohibited to campaign for any candidate for office, or exhibit, display or possess any campaign material, within the voting area as well as within 100 feet of the voting area. The term ‘campaign material’shall include, but not be limited to, the display, exhibition or possession of any material, paraphernalia, literature, document or other similar or like item, which directly or indirectly refers to any candidate for office. This rule shall be enforced by the Sergeant-at-Arms. Challenges to the results of any vote must be made to the Chair before the close of the session or within 15 minutes of the final report of the Elections Committee Chair, whichever comes first. In the event of a tie or a challenge necessitating a re-vote, the polls will be reopened for 30 minutes, or until the last delegate in line at that time has voted.
CONVENTION VOTING Photo ID must be presented for voting and certification You must be registered to be certified. You must be certified to vote. You must be listed on your club’s delegate form.

DUES For club delegates to vote at Multiple and International Conventions, all club fiscal responsibilities must be paid in full, to both the International Association and the Multiple District. Delinquent dues may be paid and good standing acquired up to fifteen (15) days at any time priorto the close of credential certification, as such closing time shall be established by the rules of the respective convention. Multiple and Lions International dues and fees paid in full. There will be absolutely no exceptions made.
CONVENTION DELEGATES Each chartered club in good standing in the Association and it's District (Single or Sub and Multiple) shall be entitled in each annual convention of its’District (Single or Sub and Multiple) to one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate for each ten (10) members who have been enrolled for at least one year and a day in the club, or major fraction thereof, of said club as shown by the records of the International Office of the first day of the month last preceding that month during which the convention is held. Any District Governor, present and Past International Officers, Past District Governors, or Provisional District Governors are allowed the right to vote independent of the club delegate quota. Delegate / alternate forms are due no later than determined by the MD-20 office usually 30 days before the convention.. Delegate / alternate forms have been distributed to all Club Secretaries indicating the appropriate number of Delegates and alternates the Club is entitled to. Numbers are based on membership reports obtained through Lions Clubs International, and reflect the number of members enrolled in the club for at least one year and a day. Any decline in club membership after April 1st, 20XX will result in a decrease in Delegate numbers. These changes will be made by the Certification Committee. The members who have been enrolled for at least one year and one day in the club as shown by the records of the International office on April 1st are counted for purposes of calculating delegate entitlement. The International Constitution does not require that a club’s delegate have one year and one day membership in the club. Each club may determine delegate eligibility.
REPLACEMENTOFACERTIFIED DELEGATE BYAN ALTERNATE The District Governor of each Sub-District, within Multiple District 20, shall be solely responsible for permitting the replacement of a delegate, whether certified or not certified, by a certified alternate at the Multiple District Convention. The District Governor shall require verification by one of the following methods: Written verification from the clubs President or Secretary, that the delegate being replaced is not voting at the convention. Electronic verification from the clubs President or Secretary that the delegate being replaced is not voting at the convention. Telephonic verification from the clubs President or Secretary that the delegate being replaced is not voting at the convention. Verification, in person, by the club President or club Secretary that the delegate being replaced is not voting at the convention. Alternates listed on the clubs delegate/alternate form furnished by Multiple District 20, and on file with Multiple District at the Multi-ple District Convention, shall be the ONLYeligible to replace a previously certified delegate. All delegate changes shall be accomplished priorto the beginning of the Convention Memorial Service on the Sunday morning of the Multiple District Convention.